Ziptrak, Roller shutters, cafe blinds, awnings and veranda blinds all fantastic outdoor blinds

A huge trend sweeping us is the Australian outdoor living way of life, BBQ’s, Beer a wine and a laugh is on the menu for our Aussie summer and we’ve got you covered for all your outdoor blinds needs. Your choice of an outdoor blind comes down to what you need the blind to do for you and when will you use it the most, there’s a multitude of beautiful Screening Fabrics and PVC’s available to choose from. Each outdoor blinds range has a great choice in decorator colors and fabrics there’s a choice for every look and feel of home. Our outdoor blinds range compliments the classic homes or the modern home. Each blind in the outdoor blind range offers different benefits or features than the next depending on your budget and your needs, call us today on 83692266 to talk to one of our design consultants about whats right for you an your outdoor living area.

Our outdoor blind range offers roller shutters, Ziptraks, Cafe blinds, Awnings, crank operated blinds and straight drop veranda blinds, were more than happy to come out and show you the blinds in the range so you can determine which is the blind that’s suits your needs and tastes. Most of the outdoor blind range can be either operated via hand or electric motors even remotes are an option outdoors to.


Theres  a multitude of uses for the outdoor blind, you may be looking for privacy or a bit of heat reduction on the summer our blind range are good to even block off your BBQ area or storage area to. the outdoor blind range can be installed onto verandas, pergolas and balcony’s just to name a few.