What’s the difference between a Roller DOOR and a Roller SHUTTER acting as a roller door?

A roller door and roller shutter may look similar, but there is quite a difference between the two, and why roller shutters can be more beneficial then a roller door.


Classic roller shutters have perforated slats to allow air and light through when the shutter is not in the fully closed position.

Roller shutter motors are also different to the roller door motors, we use a 240volt Somfy motor either operated via a wall switch or via an RTS motor operated with a remote control, so the shutter can be opened from the outside when entering the carport. Our motors are of the highest quality, tried and tested, with a 5- year manufacturer warranty, the RTS style can also be operated via a car remote on your keyring.

Classic Roller Shutters can also supply the roller shutter for a DIY project using your own qualified electrician to do the hardwiring.

Roller shutters are a great alternative to the roller door where head room is of concern as the head box/pelmet box of a shutter can, at times be smaller than a head box of a traditional roller door.

roller shutter



Roller DOORS

Roller doors have a thicker bulkier curtain then a roller shutter and do not have the foam filling inside the slat that a shutter has, which is what offers the insulation benefits , and as mentioned above, roller doors often require a bigger pelmet box which can limit the head room above the door opening, this is when a roller shutter can work better instead of the roller door if there is limited head room available. A roller shutter may take a little extra time to open and close than the roller door as a roller shutter opens the perforations first then begins to fully open the curtain compared to a roller door which has an unperforated curtain. We can use a standard roller shutter profile, or we can also use a wide span profile as pictured above.

So, if you have concerns with using a roller door or need another option, call us at Classic roller shutters and blinds to see if a roller shutters can work for you.