The new thing to be doing now is “ocd-ing your pantry” and why not it looks amazing and who doesn’t want to open a clean, tidy and labelled pantry!! “both hands in the air” ME!! And I did then I grabbed a bottle of wine and some chesses, my mum, and got to work on my nan’s panty for Mother’s Day, a great afternoon together and took home some antique popcorn containers for the kids that were hiding in the back of nan’s pantry.

You may feel overwhelmed trying to get containers for everything you have in your pantry, so maybe look at what you actually use and you can always group similar things into one container, and remember, don’t hoard things you know your aren’t using, get everything out on the table the good the bad the ugly, see how many containers you will need, and get labelling!! We used little label co! so easy chose a font you like and away you go! Or make your own labels with your printer and some wide sticky tape or contact to attach your own stickers.

If your really doing your part and protecting the planet, you can use glass containers which I picked up mine from Kmart, this can easily be done on a budget, and remember this can be a slow process picking up bits and pieces as you go. Or even recycling what you already have in your household, such as your empty ice cream containers.

Once you do your pantry you can move on to the next storage area, laundry, medicine cabinets, baby draws the list goes on but be careful …its addictive. I find a lot of my inspiration comes from Pinterest, the ideas for storage and organisation are endless. Opening a linen cabinet, can be scary but it’s all about presentation, use in expensive baskets to keep things tidy, you can find baskets galore at your local second-hand store even.

These pictures give me a feeling of organisation … Using storage buckets or baskets is a great way of giving those little Lego pieces and small toys a home. The labelling can also be fun for the little ones, cleaning made fun? Sounds like a great idea doesn’t it.