Now’s the perfect time to start thinking about all your outdoor living needs this summer. When you think shutters think Aluminium roller shutters they are designed to withstand even Australia’s harshest weather and are perfect for controlling temperature too. Aluminium roller shutters are insulated with a polyurethane foam and subsequently reject up to 90% of the heat in summer and keep in up to 90% of the heat in winter, they are an all rounder window treatment offering security for your home and family as they are a fantastic deterrent for the would be burglar. Aluminium shutters also offer up to 50% noise reduction through your windows and of course they help in blocking out the light keeping the rooms as dark as they can. Our window shutters come in a large range of fashionable colours covering both classic and modern roller shutter range’s. Our aluminium shutter ranges encompasses a few choices for you and your home all depending on your needs and of course your wants. You can get more information on our product pages our outdoor blinds page will take you to the details of all our outdoor blinds range and we also offer a great range of indoor blinds to.